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Wedding Decor

How to Plan For a Wedding

When it’s finally time to start planning your wedding, it can be hard to know where to start. Following these first steps will help make your wedding planning process easier.

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Flower Alternatives for Weddings

There are several flower alternatives to help decorate your wedding that often provide a more unique option. Contact Nunu Decor to learn about our alternatives to flowers.

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Choosing the Best Flowers for Your Centerpieces

Centerpiece flowers should be hardy, inexpensive, but still popular and on trend for weddings. Choose Nunu Decor for the best flower arrangements for your wedding.

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Key Elements for an Enchanted Wedding

With simple decoration elements, you can easily transform your event space for an enchanted wedding. Learn how you can create a day to remember here.

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Common Flower Arrangements for Summer Weddings

Flowers are arguably one of the most important decorative pieces of any wedding. But oftentimes, people tend to forget the flowers needed for even the smallest arrangements. Contact NuNu decor today for the perfect floral addition to your wedding.

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Find the Perfect Flower Bouquet for Your Wedding Day

From your dressing room to the venue to the reception room, a wedding designer from NuNu Decor in St. Paul creates bouquets of delight and purpose for your wedding.

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Wedding Decor: Why it’s Essential

Picking out the decor for your wedding can seem like a time-consuming hassle amid your never-ending wedding planning. Let the team at Nunu Decor choose and style all of the essential decor items you’ll want on your special day.

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