At Nunu Decor, we provide expert event designing services. We can assist you in making your special event memorable. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, quinceanera, work party, or anniversary, Nunu Decor can help you equip your home with the best decorations. While the titles “event designer” and “event planner” sound extremely similar, there are some key differences between the two roles.


Although they are particularly different roles, there are also some similarities between the two. First, both planners and designers are highly creative professionals who want to do everything they can to ensure the host is happy with their event. Both of these roles will also be at the site of your event ensuring every step they assisted with is going according to plan.


Now that we’ve established the similarities between event planners and event designers, we should establish the key differences between the two roles. First, the planner will take the time to understand how you want the day to unfold by focusing on the event’s timeline. Your event planner may run through a rehearsal with you the night before or take time to ensure each vendor shows up when expected. Planners will keep track of major pieces of your event such as ensuring the music, food, and guest list are all properly accounted for and maintained.


Event designers, on the other hand, are in charge of all the visual aspects of your big event. From flowers to tablecloths and various displays, your event designer will ensure your special day looks and feels exactly how you dreamed it would. They will do everything the can to incorporate your choice colors and theme into your event using beautiful details and features. Your designer is in charge of creating the overall look and ambiance of your day.


Event designers and planners are both important components to the success of your event. These professionals can help you put together a day you’ll never forget by doing what they do best.

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