Finding the perfect centerpieces can be challenging for any event, let alone a wedding. You want something beautiful, mirroring your style and colors, yet something durable and cost effective. Choosing the right flowers for your centerpieces can be tough, but the Nunu Decor is here to help. Below, let's take a closer look at flowers that are cost effective, durable, and popular for this year's weddings.

Hardy Flowers

Your centerpieces will be prepared well ahead of the wedding to help save time and resources. The flowers will be handled and arranged, so you want something durable that will not break easily. Plus, the centerpieces will be on display for the entire day and night, so a flower that will last and not wilt is necessary. Be sure to select hardy flowers for your centerpiece arrangements. Flowers such as chrysanthemums, daisies, and carnations are excellent choices. These flowers come in a range of colors and have full, thick blossoms. Orchids and lilies are surprisingly durable, but still have a delicate appearance. Or, why not skip the flowers and use succulents? These trendy plants are sure to survive and can be prepared days ahead of time.

Inexpensive Flowers

If you have several tables to adorn, you can rack up a hefty bill from flowers. Selecting cheaper flowers for your centerpieces is a great way to save money. A staple of any wedding, a rose is an inexpensive floral option. Timeless, classic, and beautiful, roses come in a wide range of color options. Both daisies and hydrangeas offer large, colorful blooms. Hydrangeas are a large flower that can quickly fill up space in arrangements with fewer sprigs. Plus, they are beautiful! Tulips and carnations are also inexpensive flowers that can help stretch your centerpiece budget even further.

Popular Flowers

Of course, you want to include the classic, popular flowers in your arrangement. Roses will always be a popular flower and continue to impress with their timeless appearance. Calla lilies are trending right now due to their range of colors and interesting shapes. The peony is incredibly popular currently due to its bright, bold colors and large blossoms. For a stunning white flower, gardenias are increasingly popular. These tiny, delicate flowers make great options for boutonnieres.


The team at Nunu Decor would be honored to be part of your special day. We understand that weddings are a celebratory time, uniting two families. The day is meant to be fun, joyous, and relaxing. Our team will make your day stress free by executing your event decorations flawlessly. From flower arrangements to decor, our team has you covered. To learn more about how we can create the wedding of your dreams, contact us today.