There are several factors that go into finding the perfect colors for your special day. The season, theme, and location can all determine your wedding’s colors. Choosing the right colors for your wedding day is crucial, as they have the ability to set the overall mood and tone of the event. The colors you choose also determine several other aspects, such as the dress and tie colors, as well as the table cloth and flower types.


First, it’s important to note which season your wedding date falls in. Brighter and bolder colors match well with summer’s warm tones, and dark colors fit in more appropriately with winter’s cool hues. While there are no rules that say you must pick your colors based on the season your wedding takes place in, paying attention to the season can serve as a helpful guideline.


Your wedding’s theme is another factor to consider when deciding on a color palette. There are certain colors and hues that best complement each style and theme. For example, a romantic and Rosey theme will have different colors than a bohemian, alternative wedding style. Understanding your wedding’s theme will help you pick the colors.


Your wedding venue also plays a role in deciding your event’s colors. For example, rustic and autumn-themed colors complement barn house weddings. If your wedding is in a ballroom with patterned wallpaper, a color palette with gold features best compliments the different shapes and hues.


In addition to these factors, it’s important to consider your own personal preferences. After all, this is your special day! If a certain color has always looked best with your skin tone, or if you’ve always envisioned an outdoor summer wedding with yellow hues, allow yourself to consider those options. Your wedding colors should be a set that you find beautiful and visually satisfying.


Finding the perfect color scheme for your wedding can seem like an overwhelming and difficult decision, but it is not as difficult as you think. When you take various factors and your own preference into consideration, finding your event’s palette can be an easier journey than you think. No matter your color selection, Nunu Decor is here to help you make your special day one to remember. We can help make your vision a reality with our selection of beautiful decor and flowers. Call 651-746-9255 and get started on picking out the decor and colors of your dreams.