While summer weddings are notoriously popular and enjoyable, winter weddings hold their own kind of charm. Choosing to hold your wedding in the winter can bring about a unique and elegant atmosphere for your special day. There are several ways you can make your winter wedding special.


Long Sleeve Gowns | When your wedding is set for a hot day in the middle of July, you may feel compelled to pick a sleeveless gown to prepare for the high temperatures. With a winter wedding, you have the option to pick from a variety of gowns, including ones with sleeves. A winter wedding opens doors for a wider selection of attire.


Unique Bouquet Options | A winter wedding allows you to play around with unique flower arrangements that capture the winter theme. Winter bouquets can have an arrangement that features holly, berries, and evergreen pieces. To learn more about how you can incorporate the winter season into your bouquet and flower arrangments, contact a professional decorator and florist such as Nunu Decor for beautiful ideas.


Emphasize on the Holiday Spirit | The holidays are known for putting everyone in high spirits. Incorporating your special day into the holidays can ensure your guests arrive excited and ready to celebrate. Additionally, you can play certain aspects of the holidays into your wedding, including Christmas tunes and enchanting lighting.


Incorporate Candlelight | Nothing welcomes candlelight quite like a cool winter day. A winter wedding provides the opportunity to incorporate a lot of candlelight into your wedding decor. Warm up your guests with the addition of soft candles in your special space.


Have Fun With the Decor | The wonderful part about a winter wedding is the ability to incorporate the unique theme into your decor. Create a winter wonderland with soft touches of green and red to create a welcoming and cozy environment in your venue. Not quite sure how to pull it off? Nunu Decor can help you achieve that perfect winter look you’re dreaming about.


Incorporate Cozy Drinks And Food | While a hot summer day may call for cold beverages and treats, a winter wedding is your opportunity to bring out the cozy delights. Hot chocolate, apple cider, and warm foods can welcome your guests and encourage them to get comfortable for a night of fun.


If you have an appreciation for winter’s simplistic beauty and natural cozy atmosphere, consider setting your wedding date in a cooler month. Winter weddings provide the opportunity to create a unique environment that emphasizes natural beauty and warm elements. For professional decor services that can help you achieve the wedding of your dreams, contact Nunu Decor today.