When it comes to your wedding, there are several nonverbal cues that wedding decor can establish without saying a word. Thankfully, we've compiled a few of them for you so that it's easier to understand why wedding decor is incredibly important for your big day. Here's a look at some of the many decor options to choose from and why they’re so important:



Signs are a great way to not only provide information to your guests, but to keep everyone on the right path without getting lost. The right signs can help direct your guests to the locations they need to be, whether they’re trying to find their seats at the venue, or need directions to the reception.


Escort Cards

Escort cards are a fantastic way to set up seating in a venue. For example: It's highly likely you wouldn't want your college friends sitting near your grandparents during the dinner ceremony, so setting up escort cards beforehand helps eliminate any issues that could arise when your college friends want to charge the dance floor once the DJ starts playing "Can't Touch This" by Mc Hammer.


Decorative Entrances

decorative entrances

A decorative entrance not only sets the mood for what's going to take place at the venue (example: the church and the reception), but it allows guests to let their hair down and feel as if they're family when entering the venue.


Don't Forget Bar Decor

Bar decor is very important since it’s commonly the area where most of your guests will frequent. So given the traffic that will be heading to the bar, why not spruce up the area with some fun decorations while guest share memories with each other?



uplighting for weddings


Lighting is wonderful because it can help you convey a sense of intimacy with the guests in celebration of your big day. In addition to adding atmosphere to a venue, the right lighting will look fantastic in the photos you take chronicling the event.


Guest Book

Guest books are fantastic because they allow guests to not only let you know they arrived to witness your special day, but leave a sweet little note about how happy they are for you and the person you've decided to spend the rest of your life with.


Hiring a decor service to spruce up your wedding is incredibly important. Thankfully, Nunu Decor is here to do exactly that! If you're located in the West St. Paul area and are starting to plan your special day, let Nunu Decor make your wedding an event that will never be forgotten. Contact us today for more information as to what we can do for your special event!