When planning your wedding, the ceremony venue and reception hall may both offer to take care of the flowers. While the altar and centerpieces are off your plate, you are still left with selecting your bouquet, boutonnieres, Mom's corsage, and posies for the flower girls. In the end, you have a wild array of colors and textures that may or may not complement your day. Wouldn't it be wonderful if every blossom and vine seemed to belong to your unique moment, instead of a random pile of petals with no rhyme or reason?


Your wedding designer at Nunu Decor will provide the extra level of attention to detail and creativity needed to turn your wedding flowers into a spectacular addition to your most important day.

Gathering all the Blooms for a Memorable Day

An elegant floral design can be as vibrant or singular as you desire. It is possible to bring together all of your favorite flowers without making a mess out of your bouquet. Your wedding designer will provide samples of all the latest designs and traditional options so you are able to make a choice that is both colorful and meaningful.


Some popular blooms include:

●        Succulents: Surprisingly versatile and long lasting

●        Peonies: A flirty large flower found in shades of ivory, pale pink, maroon, and deep purple

●        Roses: Timeless beauty that can be found in your preferred color

●        Calla Lilies: For a simple, strong solution able to blend with tiny leaves or stand alone

●        Dahlias: Bring contemporary color to the table along with a multi-faceted bloom for depth

Your Wedding Designer Builds a Unified Bouquet of Color

Once you have made your preferences, your wedding designer gets down to work creating floral arrangements for every person and place at your wedding. The altar flowers, centerpieces, keepsakes, and even your cake will tastefully reflect the style of colors of your bouquet and your spouse's boutonniere. Your guests will be able to follow the story of your vows and celebration and take home a favor beribboned in matching silk.


Afterward, when the blooms are preserved in press books and picture galleries, you and your friends will always recall your wedding as the one with the stunning displays of hydrangeas or orchids that led them from one special moment to another. If you want that extra touch of tasteful frosting for your day, give NuNu Decor a call and set up an appointment with our wedding designers today.